Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday Mundane

It feels as if fall is finally here. 

(That's a lot of F's)

The kids and I went to the library yesterday. We payed for the book that met its demise in the recent car sickness debacle. It was a Mercy Watson book (Vance loves those - I think he's read them all) and it was $12.99. Our library doesn't take credit cards and weirdly enough the only cash I had with me was $13.00. The kids picked out a ton of books and 3 movies. When we left it was pouring down rain, which made a great afternoon for reading books and watching a movie.

If you would have peeked in our windows yesterday you would have noticed Vance wearing a bright red baseball helmet and Vaughn's hair in a wacky do. My parent's bought the helmet for Vance and he likes to wear it all the time. Goofball. Vaughn "took a haircut" yesterday. (That's what she calls it.) 3 inches came off and a bang trim, so now she can see. The lady always does her hair in some wacky way and finishes it with plastic butterfly clips in the most peculiar spots. Vaughn loved it. 

The kids (finally) go back to school today. I'm looking forward to a solo trip to Target. Ahhh, the little things. 

Happy Tuesday!


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