Friday, October 14, 2011

Survivor & Questions

I'm behind in regards to Survivor. We missed the show two weeks ago and I have no idea how Stacey got the axe but it hurt as she was the first to leave my team. Justin's team took a hit this past week, but he's still sitting pretty with Coach and Jim.

Now it's time for the Question & Answer portion of the show.

Q: What's up with the food on the masthead wearing masks?
A: Because the elf who's in charge of that department was busy and didn't have time to take new "fall" pictures. So they're dressed up for Halloween. 

Q: What's worse than one kid with motion sickness?
A: TWO kids with motion sickness. And about 15 minutes apart. We may never leave the house in the morning again. Except for today because Vaughn has gymnastics class. Darn. There goes that idea.

Q: When did you become a 70 year old lady?
A: Yesterday when I went to the grocery store with the kids in the late afternoon. It was crowded and my normal old man baggers were off duty and replaced by teenagers who squashed my bread and put frozen stuff next to non-frozen stuff which made the boxes all wet and wrinkly. A reminder of why I usually do my shopping in the morning when the ruffians are not about. 

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Have a great weekend!

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