Sunday, November 27, 2011

What's for Dinner. Or What's Not for Dinner.

Since we're moving soon I've been trying to clear the freezer and utilize the food that we have. We'll stay one night at a hotel before the move, therefore we won't be able to bring along too much refrigerated stuff. It's really a blessing because I seem to collect salad dressings. Time to purge! 

I'm getting back to the point now... Needless to say, dinners have been a bit strange.

Last Tuesday the kids and I dined on MorningStar nuggets, toasted ravioli, kiwi, and edamame. 

Tomorrow we're switching things up and having Mexican Monday instead of our usual Taco Tuesday. This will clear out the last of the taco shells, a few more of the tortillas, the refried beans, Spanish rice, and one of the 4 cans of black beans.

Black beans are one of the items that I always think we're out of when I'm at the store. We're never out and I apparently I never learn.

What's your item? What do you have too much of in your pantry?

This will be our last real meal and from that point on we'll be piecing or hunting or foraging or whatever you guys call it when everyone is on their own for dinnertime. 

I'm sorry to whomever gets stuck with the giant pack of wonton wrappers. Maybe I should say Good Luck instead.

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