Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ahoy Down There!

We have a situation going on with our down comforter. Through the years all of the feathers have migrated south, which leaves us cold for the winter. 

We have tried shaking, beating, and batting them back to where they belong but nothing. We flipped it so now the bottom is at the top which means we have the feathers from 40 geese concentrated around our necks. It's nice to have a little warmth back but now it's like sleeping with a life preserver on. I can't sleep with all the puffiness around my neck. 

<<<<< >>>>>

In other news, the paint selection is now in progress. I have 3 giant paint decks at the house but also felt the need to make a trip to Home Depot at 7:30 last night for more samples. The kids love a little late-night paint shopping.

If anyone has the perfect all over paint color please let me know. 

Today? Grocery shopping and Momming. 

Happy Thursday!

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