Wednesday, January 04, 2012

I can't help these feelings

I can't wear a scarf without feeling like an asshole thanks to this hilarious piece over at Coolmom: Moms with Scarves

I'm feeling old because I'm so excited to have my birds back. Justin found and hung the bird feeder for me and there are so many birds to look at. Cardinals, finches, woodpeckers, and bluejays. The kids and I had a great time this morning watching all of them. 

I can't help thinking about the Incredible Shrinking Woman every time I put scrambled eggs down the garbage disposal. (I used to have that movie on VHS.) Concepcion! Concepcion!


I can't help laughing out loud at Vaughn lately. She's been insisting on wearing too-small fake glasses around and at times reminds me of Olive from Little Miss Sunshine.


She also has been citing lines from The Grinch at random. In her best Jim Carrey "grinchy" voice she'll yell out, "Max!" or "That is not a chew toy!" here and there. 


I haven't started painting yet. My to-do list and cold got the best of me yesterday, so painting got pushed back a day. I'm feeling better today so after story time at the library and a quick grocery trip I'll hopefully be able to sidetrack Vaughn and get started today. Woo Hoo.

Happy Wednesday!

2 Responses to “I can't help these feelings”

  1. i feel like an asshole mom now. ha!
    actually, i thought of that video while i had to sit at the E'vile Y for 2 hours during tennis lessons. ever other mom had a scarf on and i just pointed in my head saying "asshole, asshole, not an asshole...."
    so great! made tennis lessons worth it. ha!

  2. I think I'm glad my video sticks in your mind, but hey, sometimes your neck is cold.:)



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