Monday, January 16, 2012

It's All Happening

Polexia Aphrodisia said it first but I'm quoting it too, "It's all happening..."

(I'll award an Atta Boy if someone can tell me what movie that's from.)

We finally agreed on a paint color and picked up 6 gallons of it over the weekend. I'm sure we'll need more but it's a start.

We were looking for was a gray-beige or a "greige" color. We bought 13 different samples, painted 5 different walls with a square of each before choosing one. (Why on earth? Because the house gets a lot of light from different angles and we wanted to make sure the all-over color looked good all over.) 

Drumroll, the winner was Oatbran from Valspar, which was one of the first two samples that we ever brought home.
When in direct light it looks like the sample below, more beige, and when in darker light it's definitely more gray. It's two faced.

 Color match of Valspar 6006-1B Oatbran*

We had the color matched with Sherwin Williams Duration paint in a matte finish.

Gotta go, I have work to do!   

10 Responses to “It's All Happening”

  1. Anonymous8:10 AM

    Looks beautiful on your blog! Mom

  2. congrats!! that's a big deal when paint is decided upon!
    very pretty. looks like manchester tan or shaker beige from BM. love it!!!

  3. Anonymous12:27 PM


  4. I know those colors, Tasha and the paint chips, including Oatbran, are all similar but it definitely looks more gray in person. We had such a hard time choosing!

  5. Anonymous2:33 PM

    Was it from the movie Almost Famous?
    I like your new color alot!
    Aunt Dee

  6. Atta Girl, Aunt Dee! You're right - it's from Almost Famous. Love that movie!

  7. it is a tough color to find - the perfect greige. its either too warm, too yellow, or too grey. and then the light makes it look totally different. my coastal fog in the front room looks cool grey in the morning and then in the afternoon with afternoon sun it looks more beige.

  8. WooHoo!!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  9. How do you like Valspar?

    We usually use Behr, but there was a deal going with Valspar when we needed to buy a bunch of gallons (for our Income Property) and so we bought Valspar.

    Found it to be too soapy. Very hard to remove from a roller. The color just seems to never get out and so much foam left in the sink. Weird.

    Wasn't all that impressed with the way it covered either. However, once it's up and dry, everything looks great.

  10. I didn't care for Valspar. It felt too chalky for me. We needed this paint to cover like a champ so we splurged and bought Sherwin Williams. More expensive but we've been happy with the results and felt it was worth it.



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