Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wacky Wednesday

It all began with that shoe on the wall.

A shoe on the wall...? That shouldn't be there at all!

In honor of Dr. Seuss it's Wacky Wednesday at our house!

My planning was off and I waited until yesterday to try finding the Wacky Wednesday book at the library. Every copy checked out. The kids have never ready the book before so they wouldn't get what was going on so I wasn't going to do anything. 

But then! The Internet! I searched last night and found an online copy of Wacky Wednesday and the kids and I read it together. Wacky Wednesday was back on!

A tree in the pantry!

What's for lunch?

Fancy decorations!

More shoes! 

Chairs don't wear boots!

Juvenile and silly, yes. Right up my alley. The kids had a great time finding the wacky things this morning.

So fitting that it's Leap Day too! Hope you make the most of the extra day! 

3 Responses to “Wacky Wednesday”

  1. Anonymous11:11 AM

    You are a nut!

  2. LOL! Love fun :) Enjoy your extra day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's SO much fun!



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