Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cheers to Not falling out of bed

Here's a quick peek at Vaughn's new bed that was delivered yesterday. 

I'm proud to report that she didn't fall out. 

She did wake up once and cry out because she couldn't find Roger.

{She's named her favorite dolls Roger, Kevin, and Big Baby. She's a girly girl but her dolls are clearly not.} 

Found these guys hanging out the other day. Never know what you're going to find around here!


On today's agenda: Fancy Pants Adult meeting. I'll be playing the role of "adult" so I decided to dress the part. I went with smart khaki shorts and a light weight 3/4 sleeve sweater that reminds me of an Easter egg due to it's colors and pattern. Nothing says adult more than preppy easter egg. 

Clearly I have issues. 

I'm running on a few hours of sleep, haven't unpacked the dishwasher, and am trying to remember that Vance has Recycling Club tonight, so I'll have to pick him up. 


Happy Thursday!

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