Sunday, March 04, 2012

Lorax Moustache Straws

I'm kicking myself that I didn't think of this idea for last week's Seuss-a-palooza. 

Alas, better late than never. Here you go: 

 The Lorax inspired Moustache Straws.

Step 1: Draw your moustache. Feel free to enlarge mine and trace. I used foam.

Step 2: Outline it with a black marker. This is were the 'stache really comes to life. 

Step 3: Cut it out. I used an Exacto knife, but scissors will work too. 

Step 4: Tape it to a straw. I used Scotch tape. 

4 easy steps is all it takes! Enjoy! 

9 Responses to “Lorax Moustache Straws”

  1. What a cute idea! I found your blog through the link party at Homemaker on a Dime. :) I'm your newest follower. Megan

  2. Thanks so much for following along! Glad you like the straws - I think they're so much fun!

  3. Looks spot on! Great job with the outlining!

  4. So adorable, it makes me want to have a Lorax Party this weekend!

  5. totally fun. Seuss fans everywhere will be sporting them. :D Thanks for sharing on BeColorful

  6. these are so fun! i can't wait until i can go see the movie! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  7. ahh! Ridiculously cute & great timing with the movie coming out! I'd love for you to share this at Sharing Time if you're interested!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Visiting from TT&J. These are really cute and look sweet and simple to make. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Hey, thanks everyone! I love simple projects like these. I shared some with the kids in the neighborhood and they loved them too!



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