Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Weekend Update: Taste Bud Violation

On Friday night I assaulted everyone at the dinner table. It was a total taste bud violation and one hell of a major dinner failure. I have personally restricted myself from the following:

  1. Never attempting to make Asian food again. EVER.  
The only way to correct this type of culinary catastrophe is with dessert and on that night it was ice cream. We threw everything in the trash, piled in the car, and headed to our nearest Oberweis. 

From here on out I do solemnly swear to leave all cooking of Asian food to the professionals. This act has been added to my growing list of Things I Think I Can Do but Have Proof That I, in fact, Cannot. Also on that list - cutting the kids hair. 

Saturday was a blur of basketball, knick-knack shopping with my mom, dropping Vance off for a birthday party, and dinner with my parents. 

Sunday was spent doing a couple errands, taking the kids to the park, getting some work done, and ended with a dinner picnic and watching the movie Hugo. 

On Monday the day started with a plumber who came to replace a broken garbage disposal and to dial up the water pressure. It ended with games of Horse in the basement (I beat Vance the first time, he beat me the second time) and Vaughn offering pretend tea and snacks in between shots.   

Today is Tuesday which means it's towel washing day and some nice men just delivered a new TV stand which makes it TV day too. Tuesday, towels, TV...I like it when things work out that way. 

PS - there's still a shoe hanging on the wall over the front door. 

PSS - I've added a Facebook page button to my site. If you're a FB person and if you like what you see here, would you please "Like" me on Facebook?

Thanks and Happy TTTuesday!!!

One Response to “Weekend Update: Taste Bud Violation”

  1. I want to see your new stand and I agree with asian food...meant to eat out only!



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