Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Update: Where the hell have you been?

I was on hiatus last week because Vance had Spring Break, Vaughn had a cold and didn't go to school, and thus my little associates decided that my presence was integral for them to do even the smallest task. Yes, it seems that breathing can't even be done without me watching. 

Vance goes back to school today, which means I'm back to having only one child to rear, so here you go, a post!   


The only notable thing that happened last week was that I took the kids fishing. 

(Don't be too impressed, our neighborhood has a small catch and release pond.)

The only thing we caught were sticks, but we had fun trying.  

On to the weekend! 
Thankfully Vaughn was feeling better. 

We went to one of our favorite stops, The Butterfly House. Vaughn walked around like this hoping that a butterfly would land, just like last year. 

No luck for her, only for Justin. This one landed on his shoulder and stayed for a few minutes!

The storm that was rolling in looked scary:

It didn't stop us from our next stop - we drove through the storm to a furniture store and finally picked out a big girl bed for Vaughn. It gets delivered this week! However, the nightstands and dresser for her room are being refinished by moi and I haven't started them yet. I've given myself the deadline of having everything done by her birthday which is in about two months. Aaaand you guessed it, her room also needs to be painted too. Lots of work!

Speaking of painting, on Saturday we finished the dining room. We were getting a little tired of it looking like this:

I don't have any 'after' pictures yet, but I will tell you the color that we chose isn't one of the swatches shown. 

We also tried our hand at fishing again and caught this little guy. Suprisingly, Vaughn wasn't afraid to touch it and wanted to throw it back in. Guess she takes after her cousin, Ryan, the most glamourous angler I've ever seen!

There you go, another weekend down. Hope you had a good one too!

I'm off to pack a lunch. Wahoo!

3 Responses to “Weekend Update: Where the hell have you been?”

  1. Miss you last week. Good to have you back!

  2. Looks like a fun week! Send pics of the new dining room asap!

  3. Great pictures...
    Anxious to see the dining room and Vaughn's big girl bed!!



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