Friday, May 25, 2012

Intro to Summer!

The school bus came around the corner yesterday, horn-a-blazing. Everyone, including the bus driver, seemed to be excited about the last day of school. 

Vance brought home an awesome report card, Vaughn's teacher had nothing but great things to say about her during our parent-teacher conference, so I'm happy happy.

**Let's get this Summer started**

First up! Our Summer to-do List. This is the one from last summer. (This was an early picture of it - I think ended up crossing off everything except 5 or 6 of the activities listed. Pretty good!)

We've started our list for this summer, but don't have it done yet. It's looking pretty similar to this one so far.

Second up? Butter. As in, I was starting a batch of cookies this morning and realized that I'm all out. So me and my two associates will be making an unplanned and unwanted trip to the store this morning for butter.

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Anyone else working on a Summer List? Would love to hear about it! 


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