Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Respectable Parent Costume

Today I'm putting on my Respectable Parent costume and helping out with part of Teacher Appreciation week in Vance's classroom. My youngest associate will be shadowing me, let's hope she doesn't do anything...well, un-respectable. 

After that we'll be heading to Vaughn's 4 year old check-up with her doctor where I'll be demanding to know where in the world the Terrible Four's are coming from. We've experienced the Terrible Two's. We're also quite fluent in the Terrible Three's. I thought we had paid our dues. I'm sure there's a shot or a pill that makes this questionable behavior all go away. 


Today my Birthday Bubbles post is being featured over at Daily Buzz Moms. Head on over to see that as well as some other Birthday Fun ideas!

It's Wednesday! Have a great day!

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