Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stinky Skirt

I was excited about his skirt when I bought it. 

It fit! It was comfortable! It had POCKETS!

(The pockets are the best part. Love em.)

I wore it once and noticed a funny smell. A funny chemical smell. 

It's not just me that noticed it. My mom and Justin could smell it too. I'm thinking this is my problem:

It was made in China. (I'm not saying all clothes made in China smell.) Obviously it's sprayed with something horrible. Maybe something about the dark denim wash? As I was Googling for answers that seemed to be a problem for many people. 

I have washed it twice, soaked it in vinegar, baking soda, and lemon juice. When it gets hot the smell gets stronger. The smell as I was ironing it nearly knocked me over.

I'm clothes-poor and to finally find a skirt that fits and looks cute but I can't wear it is torture. 


I'll keep trying to wash it, etc. but the smell is so strong and chemical-y, I don't think it's ever going to go away. Besides, I don't really think that having it next to my skin is a good idea.  

Let me know if you can sew - I'll send you my measurements. I want a skirt just like this without the smell!

(No, I never noticed it in the store. While shopping yesterday, you better believe I was smelled everything that I bought!)


Wednesday's business: 

First of all, Happy Birthday to my mom and aunt today. Hope you ladies have a great day!

Second, I have a crazy long list of things to get done before the weekend hits. I don't think there's enough hours in the day, but we'll see. 

Here's to getting to it! Happy Wednesday!

8 Responses to “Stinky Skirt”

  1. That is really gross and scary. I would be afraid to have it next to my skin as well. It is a really cute skirt though. I love anything with pockets. If I cuold sew I would make you one, but my sewing machine has been in its box in the basement for 5 years now. One of these days I will get it out. Good luck with your to-do's.

  2. That really stinks that you can't wear it! If I was better at sewing I would volunteer to make you one! (Sorry! I stick to blankets/quilts...) I know when D has diesal in his clothes from getting some on him at the farm the only way to really get it or the smell of it out is to hang them outside on the line for a few days in the sunshine. Have you tried this? Would it help? (It's something about the sun and the diesal molecules...don't really know how it works just that it does...eventually...haha...) Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the tip Christine! It's out there right now, baking away in the sun.

    I've considered ripping it apart at the seams and using it as a pattern for a new skirt. I can sew a straight line, but that's about it! Who needs pockets, pleating, and a zipper?!?

    I'll keep you guys updated on The Stink!

  4. Didn't you also have a stinky PBK rug? Maybe you just have an amazing sense of smell and the rest of us are oblivious, living with our stinky skirts and rugs.

  5. weird...hope you can somehow get the smell out

  6. I DID have a stinky PB rug - good memory! I've always had a strong sense of smell, it's kind of annoying. I use Justin as my tester. He could smell the rug and the skirt so I know it's stinky.

    I don't think the smell is going to go away - I'll set it out in the sun again tomorrow but it's bad.

    Sarah, I'll let you and Dave give it a smell on Monday!

  7. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Thanks for Birthday shout out Sis! It was a great day and thanks again for all you do for me! Mom

  8. Make a pattern with it before you take it back and whip one up...



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