Friday, June 22, 2012

Kids and Their Made Up Words

(bark-a-tive) adj. A dog who barks a lot. 

"Daisy was not very barkative."

This is the newest made up word that the kids have come up with. I've heard them use it more than once and find it hilarious, especially when Vaughn says it. "That doggy is very barkative!"

Have your kids come up with any other good ones?

Other nonsense:
Silly me wore my good running shoes on the day that we unknowingly got into poison ivy. Remember that? I've washed them once but still can't bring myself to wear them, touch them, or even look at them...until this morning. Growing tired of not being able to work out I almost bought a new pair yesterday but couldn't do it. Throwing away perfect shoes with pricey inserts and chucking over all that money was ridiculous. I sucked it up,  double gloved myself and scrubbed my shoes (again). Now I just have to wait for them to dry and put in the new shoestrings. I did splurge for those :) 

It's Friday! Happy Weekend!

(next week I'll be talking Kahlua Cake and hopefully will be ready to give an update on the furniture that I'm painting for Vaughn's room. On the edge of your seats, I know!)

3 Responses to “Kids and Their Made Up Words”

  1. LOL we are forever using words in our house that we wonder after we say them "is that really a word or did I just make that up?"

  2. Yes, the lines of real or fake are often very blurry around here too!



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