Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stressed Out Kids.

The stress of the summer is really getting to the kids.

The commitments, the deadlines, the late nights and early mornings. Can't a kid be a kid? 

I kid. 

This is what happens when Fancy Nancy's Oh La La, It's Beauty Day! gets brought home from the library.


We're nearing that stage of summer where it's getting too hot to be outside and I'm running out of good ideas to keep my associates busy inside so that headquarters keeps running smoothly. 

I Bet You Didn't Know...

-that my tomatoes are finally starting to turn red

-that my pepper plant has a gazillion peppers on it

-that I don't know what to do with a gazillion peppers

-that I ordered fabric for Vaughn's curtains yesterday

-that I'm test driving new contacts. Have tried 4 types
 and picked up 3 more yesterday. Starting to think
 contacts just aren't for me.

-that it's supposed to be 108 degrees here tomorrow

-that I have a hard time writing when a 4 year old is sitting   
 next to me trying to design my wedding dress and is annoyed 
 that I won't stop typing and tell her if I want orange sleeves
 or red shoes

Like right now

I must go. Have a great Wednesday! 

Ole! It's Taco night for us - what is it for you?


5 Responses to “Stressed Out Kids.”

  1. ooh good idea...I think it's taco night for us too!

  2. Anonymous3:01 PM

    first time i've every seen you have a typo charisa dee! "did't?"
    I guess you are human!


  3. Char - my avocados weren't ripe so the guac was a bust. Boo.

    Mike - I can't find said typo, but thanks for taking the energy of pointing it out.

  4. Anonymous4:18 PM


  5. It is in the blue line "I bet you did't know." Not that I noticed until Mike pointed it out. Cute blog!



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