Sunday, June 17, 2012

What We Haven't Been Doing This Summer

Last week I didn't post as often as I usually do and it felt nice. It was one of those weeks where it felt busy but looking back we really didn't do too much. Which I guess what's summer is all about. 

We weren't inside doing laundry, we headed outside and made bubble prints. 

We didn't run to the store, ate leftovers instead and stayed inside playing Trouble.


I didn't mop the floor, because chalking outside is more fun. 

I didn't sit in front of the computer and attempt to write a post, so there was time for fishing.

The dry cleaning pile didn't get dropped off to the cleaners because we took advantage of a cooler day to have a picnic and enjoy the butterflies.

We always look forward to Vance's games. 

We could have done yard work but going to the park seemed like a better idea. 

What are you doing or not doing this summer? 

2 Responses to “What We Haven't Been Doing This Summer”

  1. sounds like a great week!

  2. Thanks, Michelle - it was! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer too!



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