Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Who's Eating Our Birdseed Now?

We bought a new squirrel proof feeder which seemed to have solved the problem. But! We started noticing that the feeder was always empty. I'd fill it in the afternoon and the morning after it would be gone. "Wow, that was fast. The birds must be hungry!" It didn't seem like a crazy idea - we have a lot of birds.  

Ha! Silly us.

We also have a lot of deer. 

We've been noticing more of them lately and have seen them in the morning and sometimes even in the afternoon wandering around the backyard. Which is just a bit weird. (It could be that word has spread about my salsa garden. Do deer eat tomatoes and peppers? How about cilantro and basil?)

I went out to fill the bird feeders yesterday and found 3 large piles of poo right under the feeder. After Googling I found out that it's deer poop. The deer are eating the bird food! 

I like my birds. Why won't nature let me enjoy the birds!?!

So, to all the deer out there, I'm onto you. And know this - I'm not buying the fancy pants bird food anymore. Your 2 bag a week addiction is breaking me. From here on out it's the cheap stuff and you better hope that the birds like it too. 


Anyone have tricks to keep deer away from bird feeders? I've read that you can put deer food in a different location to keep them away but I'd rather not do that.

In other news, it's Wednesday. Enjoy it.

I snapped this picture this morning. Proof! 

4 Responses to “Who's Eating Our Birdseed Now?”

  1. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Sis I think you need to raise your feeder out of the deer's reach. Mom

  2. Hilarious!! I think you should give them their own food....salt block.....

  3. LOL. Maybe hanging the feeder high would keep the deer out

  4. I wonder if you hang some tin pie pans or something that would clang together when the deer's weight moved them would scare it away. That seems like something my grandma would have will look crazy, but am guessing the noise would scare away the deer? And maybe the birds too though if they move it enough to make it clatter?!? Good luck!



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