Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday 5

Taking a look back on 5 highlights of our week. Here we go! 

We've been juicing more and playing around with different recipes. Here we have watermelon and cucumber. Even one cuke was too much for me and the kids. Surprising - you'd think because the cucumber's subtle smell it would also have a subtle taste.

Do you juice? What's your favorite recipe? 

My laptop died. Definitely not a highlight, but noteworthy when looking back on our week. 

Vance had his last game of the season. 100 degrees outside and the boys still played their hearts out! 

Since I didn't have a computer to goof off work on I had to find something else to do around the house. I started Vaughn's curtains! 

Thank goodness the Apple Store has a kids area. The iPad's occupied the kids while I had my appointment to see what was wrong with my computer. They didn't find anything terrible (phew!) and was able to get me back up and running! I'm back baby!

A Friday Extra!
Vaughn loves to swim and has come so far in these last 3 months of lessons. She's so much fun to watch - take a look! 

Woof! It's been a busy week for us! We've had commitments the last 3 nights so we've eaten dinners on the run and have had the kids up way past their bedtimes. Tonight we're toasting to not having anywhere to be and are happy about eating dinner together as a family at home. 


5 Responses to “Friday 5”

  1. Anonymous11:12 AM

    We are toasting to pool time this weekend! Cheers to you too!

  2. We bought a Vitamix a few weeks ago and have been doing smoothies like crazy. We did one with cucumber and were both grossed out by how strong the cuke taste is not on our try again list!

  3. We're smoothie fans around here too! Still am surprised about the cucumber. I like cucumbers plain and even cucumber soup, but just not juiced!

  4. Yeah, I've noticed that cukes have a lot of liquid and a strong flavor. My fav right now is about two handfuls of spinach, 1 red apple, a kiwi, and about 3-4 carrots.

  5. Liana, that sounds really good!



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