Thursday, July 12, 2012

Progress in Vaughn's Room

I was at the breaking point in this project thinking that I'd never find the right fabric for Vaughn's curtains. 

Then BAM! It smacked me right in the face. 

* White background? Check!

* Bright colors? Check!

* Would match her pink duvet? Check!

* Something that didn't look too old for a 4 year olds room? CHECK!

What pushed me over the edge? The butterflies! Homegirl loves butterflies. (And mermaids. But I'll find a way to add something "fishy" somewhere else in her room.)
Poor camera pic - colors are brighter in person
It only came in 36" bolts, meaning if I wanted to use it for curtains I would have to seam it together to make a 54" panel. Not out of the question, just extra work. 

I didn't buy any at the store and decided to go home and consult with Google first. I quickly found an online store that carried it in the larger bolts but the pictures on the site made the background look more cream colored than white. I spoke with someone from the site and they confirmed it was an 'ivory' background. I went back and forth then just finally ordered it, hoping that what they were calling 'ivory' was what I was calling 'white'.

It was!

The fabric is exactly what I wanted. Now, it's time to make the donuts curtains! Then, decide what on earth to do with the dresser and nightstand! It's been a battle (still very much not done) and deserves a post of its very own. I'm not sure if I'm loving the yellow. More on that later! 

Happy Thursday! 

3 Responses to “Progress in Vaughn's Room”

  1. I LOVE that fabric. Great choice. I am glad you are making progress on Vaughn's room. Hopefully I will get motivated to work on my kids rooms. Right now they are stuck with everything plain. Have a great Thursday!

  2. I like the yellow!! Looks GREAT with that FUN FUN fabric!! Can't wait to see these curtains! =)

  3. Thanks Erica! I like the yellow too - it just may be too BRIGHT for Vaughn's smallish room. We'll see!



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