Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Pulling Their Weight.

Are you tired of doing it all? Me too. Time for the kids to start pulling their weight around the house!

Look at that, Vance is a professional pillow case put-ter on-er! 
I never knew he could do this because I had never asked him to help. 

My kids are 4 and 7. They should be able to put their own laundry away, clean up after themselves, and a handful of other tasks around the house. The greater goal here is the teaching the idea of teamwork, respect for our home, and responsibility.

What are you assuming that your kids can't do?


The reality of summer coming to an end is close. Both kids have found out their teachers for next year, school supplies have been bought, and fall sports schedules are starting to roll in. My calendar has never been more important to me! Gotta keep everything straight and fingers are crossed that activities will not overlap! 

Happy Tuesday everyone!

7 Responses to “Pulling Their Weight.”

  1. Is Vance excited about his teacher? Can't believe he'll be starting school... and little Vaughnie too! Want to hear about your weekend...pics?

  2. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Do they make their beds? Set the kitchen table? Bring their laundry down? Just a couple of thoughts I remember doing growing up.

    I'll keep thinking about it.


  3. I'm just about ready to have my first baby so I haven't experienced the whole chores things, but I'm hoping to help them learn how to be responsible where they live. Unfortunately my other half never had much of that instilled in him ;-)

  4. i think the question really is "what are you assuming your kids CAN do?" lol
    some days a lot and most days nothing.
    the boys empty the dishwasher on a daily basis, vacuum the floors a few times a week, put their clothes away, empty trash and recycling. that's is. damn, they dont do hardly anything at all.

  5. They do more than mine! Vance just started asking about getting an allowance and I'm having a tough time deciding what to do...I feel that some chores should be to teach them about cleaning up after themselves/respect for the house/overall working as a team to get things done, etc. I don't want to pay him to do the things that he should just do...Still working out the kinks...

  6. Anonymous1:36 PM

    At my house, we always had our regular chores as part of contributing to the household. If we wanted extra money, my mum would put together an extra cleaning job, ie. wipe down the walls around the kitchen table, or something like that for us to earn more. Our allowance was based on our age & had nothing to do with chores/helping in the house.

  7. Thanks for the tip! That helps!



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