Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday 5: No More Stinkin' Babies

Last week my kids were babies. This week? They both have beards. You know what I mean. 

They've started doing big kid type stuff and it became apparent over the past few days that there's no more stinkin' babies around here anymore.

So here's to my Big Kids - It's been a full week and we have lots worth toasting to tonight. (Especially that the traveling husband returns tonight.) 

 1. Vance ran his first mile. 

2. Vaughn learned how to ride a bike. 

3. And how to pump her legs to push herself on the swing.

4. In the mornings they sit next to each other and do their work.    Vance makes math and writing worksheets for Vaughn and Vaughn tries to return the favor as best she can. I love it that they're buddies. (That will last forever, right? Right!)

5. Halloween decorations inside are up! We'll wait to do the outside decorations but Vance has drawn up sketches and has many ideas that involve skeletons and other spooky stuff. No more happy pumpkins and scarecrows around here! 

What are you toasting to tonight?

4 Responses to “Friday 5: No More Stinkin' Babies”

  1. Love that Vaughn learned how to ride a bike!!! What a big girl :) I'll be toasting to Stella & Dot tonight...My second trunk show and looking forward to a fun night stylin' my ladies!

  2. Anonymous1:57 PM

    toasting to great weather this weekend.


  3. Again LOVE that your son ran his first mile!!!! Such an amazing accomplishment. Congrats to your sweet little girl on her bike......all you need is a swimmer and you have a Triathlon team :) We are toasting to My hubby's Bday and HOPEFULLY getting some rain this weekend. Happy Friday!!!!!

  4. Thanks guys! Sounds like everyone is going to have a good weekend! Love celebrating the little things in life!



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