Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Treat Tubes. Again.

Because it was Yard Work Sunday at our house yesterday I did not finish my intended post about our fantastic weekend.

{Stay tuned for that.} 

However, enjoy this old post from October 2010.  

I'm in the Halloween spirit but feel it's a bit too early to drag out the decorations, so maybe revisiting my favorite Halloween posts will help tide me over. 

Here we go...Halloween Treat Tubes! Cute, aren't they?!?


Made these cute gift boxes for the kids yesterday.

I cut a paper towel tube in half, printed out a picture, glued it onto the tube and folded in the ends.

HUGE NOTE: I've seen people do this with toilet paper tubes and I'm kind of grossed out a bit by that. Especially since I've also seen where they drop in loose candy. Have we not all seen Mythbusters and know how many germs fly around when we flush? Maybe I'm overreacting. It's just a little too close to the toilet for me. Do what makes you comfortable.

I stuffed a pair of skeleton gloves in the one for Vance, but while doing so I noticed that they are adult size. Funny, I unknowingly did the same thing with the new socks that I bought him on Tuesday. I'm enjoying the new socks (they have arch support!) and it looks like I'll be rocking new spooky gloves too.

For Vaughn's I have a Halloween headband. Hmmm....Not going to work either. I'll stick one end of the headband in. Quoting Tim Gunn, "We'll make it work". (Tim Gunn is in no relation to Tommy Gunn, produce-man extraordinaire. Tommy Gunn's response to a lady who asked what to do with okra: "Lady, you can do whatever the hell you want with that okra after you buy it." I love that story.)

Happy Make it Work Friday to you!

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