Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mizrahi Dreams & Feedburner Issues

Last night I dreamt about Isaac Mizrahi and this morning I get an email about his newest shoe line. 

Fate? I think so. 

I used to watch his show on Oxygen years and years ago. (2003?) He used to wear Adidas flip flops with everything and interview guests on an all white background. Anyone else remember that?


For those of you who Follow by Email...

Feedburner (the source responsible for sending you my posts) has not been working correctly for about a week. I think it is up and running now, but would someone let me know if you are in fact receiving this in your email? Leave a comment or email me. Thanks so much! 

That being said - I am starting to look for another service to use. Hopefully I would be able to transfer easily, which means there wouldn't be any work on your part, but I'll keep you updated if you will need to subscribe again. 

Have a great Tuesday! 

3 Responses to “Mizrahi Dreams & Feedburner Issues”

  1. I get your posts in my Google Reader. :)

  2. I do remember his show and I think you should start wearing adidas flip flops in honor of his new shoe line! Keep me updated...you're going to have to give me a tutorial on this feedburner thing. A blog meeting is in order sis hons of buns :) Oh, that just makes me giggle! xoxo

  3. Thanks for letting me know Ian!

    Mama needs some new Adi Flippies! Mine are out of commission! Let me know if you wanna chat about feeds!



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