Friday, October 05, 2012

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 noteworthy and toast worthy happenings from the week.

Justin's name got pulled from the office baseball ticket pool, so we went. The man who sat next to us brought seaweed to snack on and the lady who sat above us brought an entire German Chocolate cake to share for her husband's birthday.    

On Tuesday, Vaughn and I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. They're from Joy the Baker and are fantastic. 

On Wednesday I waited over 30 minutes in my car for yoga class to start. I had gotten a previous errand done sooner than expected and didn't have enough time to run another errand or to run home - so I waited. And waited. And contemplated leaving, but stayed. Glad I did.

 On Thursday the weather was glorious so Vaughn and I crushed up all the sidewalk chalk nubs, added water, and made chalk paint. I love that our driveway always looks like a rainbow exploded.
Leftover butternut squash pasta is always a good thing. The recipe is over to the right on the sidebar and I promise you won't be disappointed. Plus, there's goat cheese in it. Chèvre...Go Team!

A lot of my Friday 5 pictures come from Instagram. (I'm @charisadee - check it out, it's so much fun!) My tween niece is on there too and she leaves comments for me like how her and Vaughn are like sisters from anutha mutha. These are the highlights of my day.

It's been a good week around here - hope you've had a good one too!

Tell me, what are you toasting to? 


2 Responses to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Cold front, baseball game and swim meet.
    Happy Friday :)

  2. Cold front for us too - 34 is the low tonight...Brrr! But looking forward to it! Have a great weekend!



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