Thursday, October 25, 2012

Winner, Winner, Cake Pop Maker

I've never made or eaten a Cake Ball before and truth be told they scare me a little bit. 

Why? Two reasons. One, when they're not rolled into perfect little balls they just look like misshapen globs on a stick. Two, I have a hard time eating any food that has been rolled in between hands other than mine.

(Hold on to this information. It will be important in a moment.) 

Last Saturday night I took the kids to Vance's school's Fall Festival. Amongst carnival rides, bouncy houses, mechanical bull riding, there were also games and instead of cheap plastic toys as prizes you entered your name for a chance to win a bigger prize. (By the way, I'm sure all of the parents appreciated this! It was so nice not coming home with bags of junky toys!)

Lo and behold, Vance won himself a Cake Pop maker.    
Photo: Baby Cake Shop

Now only minutes stand between us and non-handrolled perfect shaped little balls of cake. Hot Dog!

Guess it's no secret what we'll be making this weekend. The prize also came along with two mixes so we're all set. The kids are excited!

Have a great Thursday! 

3 Responses to “Winner, Winner, Cake Pop Maker”

  1. Woohoo! Winner winner chicken dinner! Let me know how they turn out:) happy cake pop day!

  2. The kids will have so much fun decorating them! Be warned though - it's a messy project! You'll have to let me know what you think of the cake pop maker. I've made them both by hand (I agree, it's kind of gross) and with the cake pop pans that you pour the batter into and those came out totally gross, so I usually go the old fashioned route now. I've never tried the actual baker though, but it looks tempting!

  3. I'll let you guys know!



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