Tuesday, November 06, 2012

"Just Taste The Soup!"

Tis election day. 
Did you vote? Go and vote. 
It's the responsible thing to do!

That's enough about that! 

Today I'd like to talk Soup since Soup Weather is here. 

Tortilla Soup is Taco Soup's thinner, prettier cousin. 

Here's a link to my favorite Chicken Tortilla soup from Jane Maynard's site This Week For Dinner. 

With most any Taco-ish soup it's okay to mess with the recipe for what you have on hand or what you like/dislike. Just don't do too much with it that you lose the lightness of this soup! (I use a can of San Marzano tomatoes instead of fresh ones and add a few shakes of red pepper flakes to the onions while they're sautéing. If you're not up for frying tortilla strips - you can omit them or simply use tortilla chips instead.)

Hope you enjoy! What's your favorite go to soup?

4 Responses to “"Just Taste The Soup!"”

  1. Tortellini Soup.......Just use a bag of frozen cheese Tortellini, Some chicken broth, canned tomatoes, frozen peas, toss in some fresh spinach at the end....serve with some warm bread. YUMMY. Just wish it was cold enough here for soup :(

  2. Sounds great! I think the kids would like it too! Thanks!

  3. Yes, my son loves it. And like your Taco soup you can alter it to what you have on hand, what your family likes etc. Enjoy!!!

  4. i have a soup that's crazy good that i adore. It has butternut squash, coconut milk, spinach, raisins, spices, spinach, red peppers, red onions, garbanzo beans..... delish!! that and a good ol fashion creamy tomato



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