Sunday, November 18, 2012

Magic Leaf Rubbings

Half days of school are great until the kids get bored and cranky. It was around 3:15 last Wednesday that I looked outside, saw the leaves on the ground and came up with a quick project to occupy them. It worked! 

First, we headed out and collected leaves. We then brought them inside and arranged them onto a piece of copy paper with the bumpy side up. (You really don't have to lay a piece of paper down under the leaves - it just helps collect some of the leaf pieces and makes clean-up quicker.)

Then lay another piece of paper gently on top, trying not to move the leaves from their position. (We used watercolor paper.) Use a white crayon to make rubbings of the leaves. I helped hold the paper for the kids which helped keeping the leaves in place. 

This is the "magic" part of the project. The leaves magically appear when watercolors are painted on top. 

That's it! Just let it dry when they're done!

It's simple and quick - my favorite type of project! Enjoy!


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3 Responses to “Magic Leaf Rubbings”

  1. Cute idea! Stopping by from Busy Monday link up.

  2. these are gorgeous! I have featured you on this week's Sunday Showcase -


  3. I love doing these with my kids. It's so fun. Thanks for linking to tip-toe thru tuesday.



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