Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It Caught Me

I'm happy to say the Christmas Spirit has caught up with me. It snuck in over the weekend and knocked me on the head yesterday. 

Fa la la la la. 

The highlight of our weekend was Justin graduating from his master's program. It was a big deal so we took the kids out from school to go to the ceremony and they deserve medals for outstanding behavior. It was such a great day for all of us. We had so much fun celebrating all of his hard work!   

Graduation being over, along with a bunch of other projects, cleared some mental space and I now have room for some cheer.

Who's ready to bake some cookies? I still need a wreath though!


Also to be noted and talked about later, we started Insanity three days ago (it lives up to its name), Tilles Park is not open for vehicular traffic on Saturday nights (we learned the hard way), and Justin is growing a beard.


6 Responses to “It Caught Me”

  1. tasha roe11:28 AM

    congrats! i wish we would have done that for Andy when he graduated with his MBA. He didn't even care to walk. :(

  2. I've come across others who didn't walk either. Maybe Justin's program was different - the entire class walked. It was a looong ceremony, especially for the kids, but there was a reception afterwards that made it worth while!

  3. tasha roe4:38 PM

    they gave andy the option to walk, but he opted out. i was bummed because he graduated with honors too. oh well.... seeing him go through it makes me never want to go back to school again. lol

  4. Go Andy! That's such an accomplishment! Totally agree with you - no more school!

  5. he's an over achiever. our kids are screwed. ;)

  6. Tash, your kids will be unstoppable! :)



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