Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Christmas Traditions

I am always looking for new Christmas traditions to start with the family. The kids brought a Christmas book home from the library on the subject so I took a look and wanted to share them with you. Because they're pretty strange and if you're like me you enjoy that sort of stuff. 

On Christmas Eve all animals can speak. However, it is considered bad luck to test this superstition. (We will have 2 dogs in the house on Christmas Eve. Do I dare risk bad luck and ask them if it's true?)

To have good health throughout the next year, eat an apple on Christmas Eve. Easy enough. Consider that one done.  

Eat plum pudding on Christmas and avoid losing a friend before next Christmas. I've never eaten plum pudding. Would a pudding pop count? Pudding cup?

Shout "CHRISTMAS GIFT!" to the first person knocking on your door on Christmas Day and expect to receive a gift from the visitor. This may be my favorite one. Consider this one also done.  

Place shoes side by side on Christmas Eve to prevent a quarreling family. We already do this with our cellular devices on a normal basis (I have no idea why this happens. The phones just all land on the counter soldier style) I guess adding shoes to the line up would be NBD.

Wearing new shoes on Christmas Day will bring bad luck. I'm so sorry, Charity. 

There you go! 6 more ways to bring in the good luck! 

Happy Tuesday!

One Response to “New Christmas Traditions”

  1. These are funny. Charity could avoid them being "new" by wearing them on Christmas Eve first........right?????????



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