Monday, December 03, 2012

Thank You, La Nina

Today was a great day. 

Windows open, breeze flowing through, birds chirping, and...the Christmas tree lights a blazing? 

It was 77 degrees today where I live and that's just not the norm. We broke a record yesterday for the temperature hitting 75. 

It is messing with my head. It's December 3rd and it smells like springtime in the house. Vance was happy because he could wear shorts to school and it's amazing how much faster I can buckle/un buckle Vaughn and maneuver through errands without puffy winter coats. 

I know it won't last. In fact, there's a cold front coming in later this week. But this has been a huge sign that the older I get the less I like to be cold or deal with the cold weather. I've always said that I could move back to Wisconsin and be happy - snow and all. Until today. I think I've officially changed my mind.

How about you? Do you prefer hot or cold?


One Response to “Thank You, La Nina”

  1. Anonymous7:01 AM

    You know Sis, when I was younger I said the same thing, but as I got older and now am blessed with getting to go to warmer weather in the winter, I love it too! It is so nice to get up to warm and sunny blue skies. Mom



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