Thursday, January 31, 2013

Double Tooth Fairy Night

I registered Vaughn for kindergarten last week and this week she lost her first tooth. Monday night, to be exact. I'm scared to see what next week will bring. Bra shopping? Driver's license? Tattoo?

Actually, her other bottom middle tooth is really loose so I have a feeling that next week will bring an even more toothless Vaughnie.

She's 4.5 years old. Vance was 6 when he lost his first tooth.  Ay, yay, yay.

Kids these days. They grow up so fast. 

Interestingly enough, not 10 minutes after Vaughn's tooth came out, Vance lost another one too. He had been working on it for a week or so and there was no way he was going to let a chance for a double Tooth Fairy night be missed! She had her work cut out for her that night because Vance left a long letter full of questions for her to leave answers for. 

Kids these days. They want to know everything. 

(Question of the day: Who does the pulling of the teeth at your casa? Do your kids come to you or do they yank them out themselves?)

Happy Thursday! 

One Response to “Double Tooth Fairy Night”

  1. Super exciting night for you all!!!
    For us it is the Dentist that yanks them :( Logan is 10.5 and has only lost 1 tooth on his own!!!! His roots don't disintegrate so we have to Pay the dentist and the tooth fairy has to pay him!!!!! YUCK!!



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