Thursday, January 24, 2013

Last Night's Dinner: Parents Cheer! Kids Frown!

pancetta, white bean and chard pot pies

Justin and I thoroughly enjoyed them. The kids? They pouted, ate the crust, and picked a few of the beans out of the mixture. They don't know anything. Let's get on with it from the people who appreciate food. 

These are a bit more time consuming than our normal weekday meal but well worth it. I should also note that this was my first time attempting a pot pie so to have it turn out edible and even enjoyable was a good feeling. I followed the recipe except for two variations. First, I used pre-made pie crust. (Gasp!) Second, I used bacon instead of pancetta just because I had it on hand. Click the link for the full recipe, more pictures, and the how to's. It is a perfect recipe for chilly weather which is exactly what we have right now. 

Our household is currently in a Dinnertime Drought and I am desperately looking for new ideas that everyone will enjoy. Care to share your families fave? I'd love to hear!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


6 Responses to “Last Night's Dinner: Parents Cheer! Kids Frown! ”

  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    I tried to make homemade chicken pot pies once. It was a Tyler Florence Ultimate recipe. Even made the the stock from scratch. The crust was store bought philo dough. They looked beautiful. We cut into them, and they were so awful, we left the food and mess on the table and went to Bread Company for dinner. :) Maybe I should give these a try.

    Anne DeToye Moore

  2. Here are two chicken recipes that my family LOVES. They are both super easy.
    Hope one is a winner for you guys.

  3. Anne you're cracking me up! I fee your pain as we've done that very same thing before! (I since have vowed to never make Asian food again. I say leave it to the professionals!) Try these and let me know how they go for you! Good luck!

    Karen thank you so much for the ideas! I appreciate them! Some (most) nights I wish dinner could come in capsule form like the Jetson's and just get the whole thing over with! :)

  4. Do you kiddos like to cook? I found when Logan was younger (and had more free time) it was A LOT more fun when he would help me make dinner. Even something as simple as Stir this, sprinkle that on.......Good Company makes anything better :)

  5. They LOVE to help cook and that doesn't even help. It's maddening! We tried the chicken parmesan recipe that you suggested and 3 out of 4 gave it a thumbs up! Thanks again!

  6. Hey 75% approval!!! Not too shabby.



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