Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Lucky You: Hand Stitched Hoops

Lucky You? Lucky ME to be asked to take part in this year's Midwest 12 Handmade Days of Christmas craft exchange! 

Let me explain: 12 (talented ladies) make 12 of the same thing (their choice) and then send one to each of the ladies, making sure to label the package with their assigned number of day to open. "On the first day of Christmas" (Dec. 14) we open Day 1's gift then continue each day and end with Day 12's gift on Christmas. 

Here's some of the gifts waiting to be opened!

Deciding what to do was the hardest part. After much deliberation I went with an inspirational stitched hoop. Here's my doodle that started the ball rolling. 

The material I used to stitch on was Osnaburg, I traced my pattern onto it with a water-soluble pencil, used a 6" wooden hoop, and a whole lot of thread. (I think that's why I like stitching - the materials involved are so simple!)

They look simple, but ended up taking a lot of time. I learned the hard way that sewing rounded shapes on to stretched material is tricky. It looks perfect but when you release the tension in the hoop some stitches can look wonky and make the overall shape look bad. I had more than a few throwaways that didn't make the cut! 

I sewed in the car. I sewed at swimming lessons. I sewed at gymnastics practice. My favorite spot to sew was feet up, parked in this chair. If I could do this all day I'd be happy as a clam! 

I never intended on painting the hoop but the plain wood looked too boring. I first painted them blue, changed my mind, then ended up going with pink and then finished them with a coat of polyurethane. 

To finish the backs, I used colorful fabric to hide the stitching then ran a running stitch around the edge of the fabric. 

Pull the threads tight and it gives the back a finished look. Ready to be hung or set in an easel!

To send them off I wrapped them in tissue paper, tied it with twine and added a little note on a tag. On the backside of the tag I stamped my day to open number, which was 9.

From here they got wrapped with bubble wrap then into an envelope. Stuffing that last envelope and dropping them off at the post office was a great feeling! 

I really enjoyed being a part of this. Hopefully everyone enjoyed my gift as well! Opening a handmade gift is the best way to start your day. So thankful to have 12 days of it - I could get used to that! 

Be your own good luck charm and have yourself a LUCKY day today! 

4 Responses to “Lucky You: Hand Stitched Hoops”

  1. Love these! Reminds me of an ornament we all have :) Hope your day is lucky xo

  2. I know! When you first showed yours on IG I was envious! At that point I had spent so many hours stitching horseshoes that I loved the ornament immediately. And funny that I didn't even tell you what I was stitching. Great minds think alike!

  3. LOVE THIS!! It's hanging up in my sewing room and I get to see it every day! :)



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