Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morning Momentum Killers

Do you ever wake up and feel unstoppable in the morning? 

Kind of like, this is it! This is the morning that I'm finally going to get some stuff done around here!

You're in a good mood, start getting things ready, making lists, all the stuff that is necessary to conquer this day, and...

...your kids wake up early before you can finish. They're usually demanding breakfast (how dare they) and that you play Candy Land with them even though it's a school day. Sometimes they're grouchy and their grouchiness tries to suck the happiness from your mood. You try to stay strong but everything is dwindling. 

Next thing you know you're pushing everyone out the door to the bus stop, remembering that you fed everyone except yourself, then leave straight from there to drop the other one at pre-school, leaving all your lists at home and half of your brain, which ultimately kills your momentum.  

Does this happen to you? It happens to me a lot.   

One of my resolutions is to become more organized. Prepping at night for the next day would obviously help mornings go smoother. I know this but it doesn't change the fact that all I want to do is beeline it to the couch right after getting them to bed. 

For the past two nights I've been trying to start a new habit. After the kids are down I head straight into the kitchen, unpack the dishwasher (that I started right after dinner), get my morning coffee prepped, fill the water bottles for the morning, basically I do anything that can be done the night before. If I have store returns to make the next day or library books to return I even throw them in the car so there's no way I can forget them in the morning rush. I gotta tell you - it's so nice coming down in the morning with all that taken care of! 

Now I just have to keep it up! How do you make your mornings less crazy? Any secrets you'd like to share? I'd love to hear them!

Happy Wednesday! 

6 Responses to “Morning Momentum Killers”

  1. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I know exactly what are you talking about. After months of morning chaos I came up with the formula - share the tasks with hubby. The two of us get up first, dress up and then he goes downstairs preparing breakfast (just something simple as coffee for us, cocoa for girls and for example bread with some spread) while I dress up kids. He makes better coffee than I do, so that's the reason we shared tasks in this way, but it can easily be other way round.

    I usually prepare their clothes the night before, I like to ask the Older what would she like to wear tomorrow, which is very useful for avoiding "dressing up madness".

    I like your tip about taking things to the car on the night before, I think I going to start doing it. Especially when hubby is away for a business trip and I'm alone with the kids.

  2. Yes - thanks for reminding me - picking outfits out the night before helps too! My husband travels often but even if he is home he leaves before the kids get up so it's always them against me. I think part of my problem is that I'm a morning person so I always wake up with all these new ideas for the day. I need to curb that and focus!

  3. Anonymous11:47 AM

    So glad your taking ten minutes a day for yourself! I wish you could take more. Mom

  4. I know this feeling all too well. I like you am a morning person and on some days I even have my run in before 6:30 AM. I make sure coffee is programmed and lunches are made the night before. If I'm really on top of things vitamins are even set out on the counter for morning consumption. I have been trying lately to make a few breakfast items on Sunday then freeze them. This past Sunday I made a big batch of waffles and breakfast burritos (just scrambled eggs and sausage) and froze them. That way I can toss some waffles in the toaster oven or a burrito in the microwave and there you have breakfast in no time. :)

  5. Such great breakfast ideas Karen! I feel like a short order cook most mornings! I've heard of people doing oatmeal in a crockpot overnight. May have to check into that. Thanks for the tips!

  6. Anonymous11:17 AM

    definitely helps me. I've been doing this since the new year.




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