Saturday, February 02, 2013

Football Brownies

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! 

I can't keep this act up. I'm not a football fan. My excitement for the Super Bowl is driven by the half time show and the fact that it means last football game until the start-up of next season. I try to be a good sport though and get into it at least from a food standpoint.  

So let's talk brownies. These are quick! They're not fussy! And, best of all, they're self serve! 

I just happen to have an oval shaped baking dish. If you don't I'm sure you can alter this idea to work for your rectangular pan.

1. Bake your brownies. 

2. Cut a template out of paper:

3. Lay it on top of cooled brownies.

4. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

5. Carefully remove the template as to not spill the excess sugar.

Viola! A football!

I'm always surprised how excited the kids get with these simple ideas. (Honestly, I've used this technique multiple times for different occasions. You think they'd be used to my tricks!) I've learned that my kids excitement is the same whether I spend 20 minutes on something or two hours. I say save your time and go with simplicity. As long as brownies are involved everyone wins!

Good luck to all the teams!

One Response to “Football Brownies”

  1. Super Cute Sis! Things like this always make watching the SuperBowl a little more fun..Glad it's Ov..ah



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