Thursday, February 28, 2013

To Pin or Not to Pin?

What's your threshold for something like this?

Vaughn taped the first picture onto Vance's door, which was cute, but I just noticed yesterday that it had snowballed to this.

It made me think about how I used to tape and pin (even nail) things to the walls of my bedroom as a kid. I think I'd go nuts if my kids would do the same! All those little pin holes in the walls that Justin and I painstakingly spackled and painted!

I guess my parents didn't care or just had a high tolerance for things of that nature. Thinking back just some of my house alterations included burning a hole in the carpeting of the family room with a heat gun (I was crafting!), stain the ceiling of the the two-story foyer by throwing one of those toy slime balls up there and getting it stuck (who knew it would stick! and then leave a stain!), and deciding to paint the kitchen barstools on a whim. I guess little holes in my bedroom walls were the least of their concerns!

I'll let this little collage grow for a bit longer before requesting it be taken down. As for the pinning, I think we have a little more time before Vance starts to want to pin posters to his walls. How about you? Where do you stand on the issue - do you let your kids pin or not?

It's Thursday everyone! Have a great one! 

2 Responses to “To Pin or Not to Pin?”

  1. You are a much cooler, nicer Mom than I am. NO pins, tape, or nails are allowed here. He does have a nice bulletin board so he can use that :)

  2. When I was a kid, my room was COVERED in animal posters. The ones you used to get with those Scholastic book orders from school. They would either be pushed pinned into the paneled wall or taped onto the plastered wall. I think I remember my dad complaining, but my mom would shush him and he'd stop. I was a pretty good kid, not very destructive other than the pins and tape. However there was this one time that I didn't want to carry my key (I was a latch-key kid) and so the night before, I opened one of the windows in the basement (very slightly) so that after school I could enter the house through the window. Well during the school day, my mother must have noticed the window opened and closed it. I couldn't get in, so I broke the window. The repair came out of my allowance and my dad embarrassed me in front of my friends by telling me to pin the key to my underwear.

    As far as what I allowed my son to do when he was growing up...NOTHING! If he wanted posters, I would hang them, etc. Such a bad mom! No creative license allowed on the walls or doors. As my hubby likes to say, we live in a museum. Yep, pretty much. I've allowed my granddaughter to do more than my son was ever allowed to do.



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