Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple noteworthy and toast worthy happenings from the week.

Here's to springtime snowstorms. 

Here's to feeding the birds the only way we can since the deer broke our bird feeder. 

Here's to chilling out and letting Vaughn choose her clothes. 

Here's to finding a little piece of 1994. 


And finally, big ups to to Trader Joe's having daffodils this week. Having a hint of spring in the house felt like a necessity.   

What are you celebrating tonight?

2 Responses to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Don't you just love daffodils? They are a sure sign that spring is on the way. I can't find them in Texas. :-(

  2. I'm not sure if I've ever seen them either Lisa...I'll have to be on the lookout now! Sure they have to be around here somewhere ;) ;) They are beautiful Sis! LOVE LOVE LOVE...MAJ MAJ MAJ as Rachel would say!



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