Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's funny how weeks can go past with nothing out of the ordinary ever happening and then one week Bam! Non-stop surprises. 

That was last week around here. On Wednesday I woke up sick, totally out of commission. (I never get sick.) Of course that was the morning that Vance had a school thing that I was supposed to go to in the morning. Thankfully Justin was in town, so he switched his schedule around and Mommed for me for the rest of the day. 

On Thursday morning I cowgirl-upped and got myself ready enough to walk Vance to the bus stop and to drive Vaughn to school. However the car battery died which rearranged our day for us.

Nothing horrible happened on Friday except the fact that I wasn't feeling well enough to drink delicious margarita's and went to bed at 8:30. Somewhere in between I checked out a book for myself from the library, something I haven't done in years. 

Saturday morning found us at the mall, killing time while Vance was at a birthday party, returning a pair of shoes from Christmas. (It's sad when great shoes hurt your feet. I had kept trying them on thinking my foot would get used to the pain. It did not.) I tried on a pair of sandals that I was excited about and thought would be no brainers but my Jeep of a foot didn't look quite right in this dainty sandal. 

On Monday one of my toenails fell off (I jammed it 5 months ago), I found a dead worm in the dining room (it rained a ton on Sunday - is that weird? How did he get inside?), and I went back to Pilates even though I was dreading it. The spunky older lady whom I mentioned in my previous post was there also and in fact I noticed her in the gym doing Zumba before Pilates and I thought I overheard her saying she was staying after to do a yoga class. She's an animal and for now on when I don't feel like dragging myself to work out I'll think about her. If she can do it so can I.

For those readers haven't gotten bored and are still with me for this last paragraph...thanks. And have a great week!

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  1. OUCH! Hope this week is going a little smoother for you It's hump day....maybe a 'rita is in order ;)

  2. OOF.....hope this week is much better. Love that you went back to Pilates. You should let that lady know she is an inspiration to you. I bet it would make her day!!!!



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