Sunday, March 24, 2013

Next Year? South for Spring Break.

I knew there wouldn't be any palm trees in sight on our spring break vacation to and I was okay with that but I never imagined that our long weekend would be shortened due to a freak springtime snow storm.

Welcome to the Midwest. 
Land of You Never Know What You're Gonna Get. 

We left on Thursday afternoon and spent Friday doing all the touristy stuff. Everything was super crowded due to other spring breakers and the March Madness basketball games being held there too. (The Jayhawks were staying at our hotel!)  

Lego Land

 Fritz's (trains run around the top of the restaurant and deliver food to each table)

 Sea Life Aquarium

The Plaza
 I have great memories as a kid here and while it was cold and wet outside the kids (and Justin!) were troopers walking from store to store and posing with a few of the adorable bunnies around.

 Chocolate from Panache! 

We packed a lot into the day knowing that the storm was coming and that we would be leaving the next morning. When we returned home the next afternoon the sun was shining and it was in the 50's - did we read the forecast correctly?

Oh, yes we did.

And it's not stopping. I think we have 11 inches so far. It's looking like Vance's spring break will be extended for at least one more day.

It's official. Next year we're definitely going south for spring break.

3 Responses to “Next Year? South for Spring Break. ”

  1. South as in Texas right? Bundle Up Buttercup! Hopefully this is the last snow of the season ;)

  2. were you in dallas the same time is down south visiting? for reals?

  3. never mind. i didnt read about the plaza pic. got excited. lol



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