Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Pilates Pain and Weekend Update

Who are these women that aren't afraid to bare all in gym locker rooms? What do they have against the dressing rooms that are there for that exact reason? I mean, I'm not offended in any way, but it's always a shock to see when you round the corner and are not expecting it. Nothing like bare buns on public benches! I now think twice before ever setting anything down on them while I'm getting into my locker!

That being said, yesterday I tried pilates for the first time. Today I can barely move without wincing. As I was struggling with the basic moves the lady in her 70's behind me was complaining that the music was too slow - she suggested that The Black Eyed Peas would wake us up and when it was time to do the corkscrew she yelled out that she wanted a bottle of wine to go with. What a hoot! What I'm getting to though is that if she were to challenge me to an arm wrestling match I'm pretty sure she'd win and that's why I'll be going to class again next week. (And contemplating buying a pilates dvd to do at home also. Know any good ones?)

Weekend Updates:

My sister flew in to celebrate our uncle's birthday. (Check her blog for a little more on that.) 

My mom captured this sweet picture of Vaughn and Justin. (By the way, she lost her second tooth on Feb.28)

Hope you all had a great weekend too! 

5 Responses to “Pilates Pain and Weekend Update”

  1. Bare buns on public benches? ewwwwww! O.k so did you do pilates with the machines? You have to fill me in on this! Miss you all so much already-had such a great time and so glad we were able to hang on Saturday too! Vance is a b a l l e r ...shot caller...

  2. OHH I love Pilates......I take it at my gym so don't know any videos. I also take a class called PiYo......it is a combo of Pilates and Yoga and IT IS THE BOMB. I always tell our instructor her PiYo Class is harder than any marathon I have ever run!!!!! Stick with it it does get easier :)

  3. Allright ladies, this class was one without using machines and it also claimed to be a Pilates Yoga Fusion however the only yoga seemed to be the one minute of deep breathing in easy pose at the end. I'll try it again but will also use double mats as my spine and tailbone feel as if they're bruised!

  4. PiYo is a "licensed" class and has a "routine" that you keep doing for X amount of weeks. Which is good because it gives you a chance to really master the moves and build some strength. If you don't mind me asking do you belong to Lifetime Fitness? your class sounds like a class I used to take there. OUCH on the tailbone and spine that is not fun at all :(

  5. Gotcha!

    Yes, I belong to Lifetime. I doubled up on the mats for this week and it made such a huge difference!



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