Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Vaughn's Room Makeover: Gold!

See those handles? They started out a curse and have turned into a blessing. 

Long story short: I can't spray paint them, I had already refinished the dresser so it was too late to fill the old holes and drill new ones, and the pre-existing holes are an odd size so finding replacements was difficult so... we're going with gold. Gold! 
I spent many hours trying to clean them but they were in bad shape - pitted and super tarnished. This is as good as it's going to get. However, I've grown to really like them. They've given me a reason to add other gold accents around Vaughn's room. I'm finding it to be the perfect 'girly' touch and I like that they're not perfect.

That's why the gold polka dot lampshade caught my eye from the Honest to Nod blog. It was the perfect way to jazz up the boring white shade. 

I'm going with The Nester's trademark of "it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful" because perfect it is very well not. Instead of pointing out the negatives, let's look at the positives. It ties in the gold, it was cheap to do (I only had to buy the circle foam brush), and it took less than an hour. It's fun. Vaughn loves it. Perfect.

Again, hop over to Honest to Nod for their complete instructions. I wanted bigger circles so I used the Martha Stewart foam pouncers from Michaels. ($4.99 but I used a coupon so they were even cheaper. Holla!)   

 I plan on using this gold sunburst mirror too but am having a hard time finding the perfect place for it. See the Barbie house in the reflection? That's my problem. It's difficult decorating around but she plays with it everyday. I cannot come between a girl and her Barbies. So it will have to wait.    

I'm learning to be flexible and to roll with things that don't always turn out as planned. Here's to Happy Accidents! 

Hope you're having a great Tuesday! 

2 Responses to “Vaughn's Room Makeover: Gold!”

  1. LOVE The lamp shade. You are so talented and crafty. Great job. Love your comment at the end about being flexible. So hard to do but oh so important. I'm learning this too.....I'm usually a "quick learner" but not so much in this area. :(

  2. Thanks Karen!

    It's so tough, isn't it!! I'm famous for starting a project and when it starts to not work out I set it aside and never go back to it. I have a houseful of unfinished projects! I've really been working on not starting anything new until I have finished what I'm currently working on. It's hard, but it's been helping!



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