Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Mid Week Update

Hi! Let's chat. 

Last week and four panic attacks ago I had a wee bit of surgery on my foot.  (This has sealed the deal for me on never having any type of elective surgery. Turns out I don't deal well and I'll leave it at that. Also, Busty McGee will never be my nickname. I'm cool with that.) I went for my post-op checkup today and apparently I have super human healing powers. The doctor said I'm healing ahead of schedule so yippee. 

Two days ago a neighborhood dog wandered into my garage, pooped on my rug, and then Vaughn stepped in it. 

The light we ordered for the dining room was missing parts when we received it. I finally received the missing parts in the mail and they're the wrong finish. I was told to throw these parts away or "disregard" them as Brianne told me an the phone and they'll send out new parts. Maybe that's why this light was so expensive. Everyone keeps throwing parts away and they have to keep making more. 

Yesterday Geniuses from the Mac store took both my laptops for data migration. I had no idea that it could take up to 48 hours and now I'm posting from my phone. (First mobile post ever! Look at me making lemonade out of lemons!) Also, this is why Things Will Be Slow The Rest Of The Week. 

I have a feeling this week in on an upswing and it's bound to get better. Hope your week is shaping up nicely! Let me know!

3 Responses to “Mid Week Update”

  1. Hope your toe is better and it will get better from here on out ;) It's Wednesday so maybe you need a cocktail later after Vance's game tonight to get you over the hump. Cheers Sis

  2. Yeah for super powers BOO for trespassing pooping dogs!!!!!!! Our neighbors cat went pee in a carpet in our garage once....NOT HAPPY!!!! I'm with Charity a cocktail at the end of a Wednesday will get you over the hump!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I graduated from wrapping my toe in gauze to just a bandaid. Hopefully next week I'll be ready to squeeze them into running shoes!



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