Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Things have been quiet around here because I'm scrambling. The countdown to school ending for the summer is on and my kid-free days are numbered. 

Normally, I send the kids to Vaughn's school for a few half days a week over summer break but not this time. I'm gonna... 

...and be the sole source of entertainment on this cruise ship all summer long. 

Of course I have them enrolled in some camps but for the majority of the time it will be mano y mano. It's scary and exciting all at the same time!

I've been racing around town trying to get all the errands ran that I can without the help of my associates.

Time's a ticking! Gotta get a move on!

What's your summer plan for kids?

Have a great Wednesday!   

3 Responses to “Scrambling”

  1. Can't wait to see your faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you get everything done!

  2. I hear you! I keep thinking of things that I need to get done before the clock runs out.

  3. I would love to say I'm racing to do the same but since down here we have 9 MORE DAYS AFTER MEMORIAL DAY.......I have TOO much time to get it all done. HOWEVER, we have been busy working on our Summer to do List. A little tradition we do every year. Make a list and work on crossing things off. We have a great start but still more work to be done!!!!



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