Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pool Envy

I'm surrounded by neighbors with swimming pools and I'm jealous. I can hear (and see) the splashing! The music! The laughter! It's like being very hot and thirsty and watching the person in front of you drink a giant bottle of water. We belong to a pool and I am thankful for that, but it's not the same as having one in your backyard. For one, I bet I'd never find a floating bandaid in mine. 

When we were house hunting we specifically looked for a house without a pool. I'd like to go back in time and give myself a little slap on the cheek.

Sorry, kids, this is as good as it's going to get for awhile.

Tell me, what are you envious of lately?  

8 Responses to “Pool Envy”

  1. You have a great backyard for a pool...don't kid yourself!

  2. Ha! As if not having space is what's holding us back. It's on the "future funds" list. :)

  3. The prices of pools have dropped dramatically from years ago, you can even look on craiglist in your local area online and alot of people give them away for free (if you take them down) because of moving and other reasons etc...but also now a days people are lazy or just can't seem to find the extra time to take care of the pool and keeping up with the maintainance and tend to sell fairly new pools for dirt cheap, anyways Good Luck and Thank you for your wonderful blogs and recipes!

  4. Please don't take this the wrong way. What I am normally envious of is your outlook on life. Granted, you have a lot to be grateful for and you show it. You are not a "take it for granted" kind of person which makes reading your blog entries a treat. But in the fairly short time I've followed your blog I have never seen you complain/vent/envy anything. You usually end your posts with something like, "What are you toasting to tonight?" or "What are the simple but wonderful things in your life?" (that last one is a paraphrase) but with you ending this blog entry with, "Tell me,what are you envious of lately?" my reply is (and this is the don't take it the wrong way part): I'm not envious of you...for once. Not that I have a pool. I don't even belong to a pool (I'm not quite sure what that means...did you mean "pool club?"). But I also don't have two young children to entertain all summer when pools are just about the best thing in the world. Pleassseeeee don't take this the wrong way. On the other hand, you might want to check out craigslist as suggested previously or even (I belong to the chapter in my town and it's amazing how many above the ground huge pools they give away for free). Good luck. Delphi

  5. Guess my humor didn't come out quite as I wanted it to! My intentions were not to sound like a rant - just a lighthearted summertime wish because it's hot and it would be convenient to have a pool in the backyard. That's all.

    My subdivision does not allow above ground pools of any type, so there's no option other than an expensive, inground pool - but thanks for the info. "Belonging to a pool" is just as it sounds. We pay to belong to a pool but that entails packing all the swim gear up, driving there, finding chairs in a good spot, paying for snacks and drinks, paying if either kid wants to bring a friend, etc. It's work, (and takes away from the relaxing stigma of a pool) so again, having a pool out our back door would be ideal.

  6. Aw, shoot...I didn't mean to imply you were having a full-on rant. I'm sorry. I understand better now why your cute picture of the kids in the inflatable was the best it was going to get for now, and why going to the pool you do belong to doesn't sound like much of a treat what with everything involved. Have a good day! Delphi

  7. No worries! I should've made it clearer - just one of those posts that I blurted out and didn't take the time to really proof or even think about how it sounded.

    Every year that the kids get a little older going to the pool gets a little easier. The picture I posted was from years ago - just thought it went well.

    Hopefully I can do better with tomorrow's post! :)

  8. I understand your pool envy.......I go back and forth with wanting our own pool. Our subdivision has a pool and we go to the lake so much but you are right there is something about having your OWN pool right out your OWN back door!!!! Should you move to Houston I know a GREAT pool builder ;)



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