Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

5 simple noteworthy and toast worthy happenings from the week.

Cheers to making and eating Pudding Pops in our swimsuits. 
(So not healthy, but oh so good!) 

Cheers to sitting down and doodling with the kids.
(Love that they still like to draw with me!)  

Cheers to having great libraries that always have something fun going on. 
(The Yo-Yo kid! Wild birds!)

Cheers to Urban Hiking never letting us down.
(Deer! A chipmunk ran by us right before this!)

Cheers to beautiful weather, dinner, and Mad Libs all at the same time. (When you spend every waking moment with the kids conversation at dinner can be a little lackluster. Mad Libs are perfect for this situation!)  

This week has been a long one. Fun, but loooong. Ready for my traveling Mr. to be home and for some the baseball fields. Vance has a tournament this weekend and will play at least 4 games. Go Vance! Also, my nephew Jack's team is playing at the Little League world series. Good Luck Spartans! It's a baseball weekend!

What are you toasting to tonight?     

2 Responses to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. Toasting to Spartans baseball and to Vance getting his swing back! Wish we could be there to watch! Love me some baseball!!!!

  2. LOVE MAD LIBS!!!!!! Hope the baseball weekend went well.



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