Tuesday, July 02, 2013

My Summertime Internal Age. What's Yours?

"If I don't get those pudding pops made this morning then they won't be frozen enough to eat this afternoon." 
"Man, I forgot to pick up Borax. Now we can't make slime." 
"Out of bendy straws AGAIN? I thought I had stocked up."

These are a sample of thoughts that rattle through my brain any given day and are part of the reason that when I picture myself in my head I'm about 18 years old. Even more so in the summer because my days are spent doing more kid stuff and less of adult stuff. We only get so many summer vacations with our kids, so I'm going to make each one count. I'm so thankful that this is my job and I am able to do so!    

How about you? Do you have an "internal age" that you picture yourself? Let me know!  

(Making slime without Borax is not the same - way too messy. Yes, I have a preferred slime recipe.)

(There's always time for tie dye at my house.)  

2 Responses to “My Summertime Internal Age. What's Yours?”

  1. I actually have a box of Borax can you believe it?!!! I can make slime! WooHoo I've never thought of my internal age...25 maybe? LOL!

  2. OH I love making slime.......But CAN NOT find Borax anymore around here. Walmart and Target BOT 86'd it last year....Kroger no longer carries. I'm going to have to resort to Amazon.com . I use borax for ALL cleaning, laundry etc. I'm so sad.......As for my internal age.......I'm totally going for 21 so I can still have a drink LOL!!!!!



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