Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Day One Down: A success!

Yesterday morning went smoothly. No bumps, no surprises, no tears. From anyone.

Our house faces the morning sun, which is horrible for Obligatory First Day Front Door Pictures (FDFDP) because the kids are always squinting. Vaughn demonstrates the double hand visor technique below:

I've been trying to be in more pictures, so here we are!

Vance has First Day posing down to a science.

Fun fact! My parents have seen each of their grandchildren off to school on their very first day of kindergarten. The kids love this extra special attention. Thanks for making the trek one last time, Mom and Dad! (Here's the link to Vance's first day of kindergarten.)

Vaughn was the first one to get on the bus. I heard her say goodbye to me as she climbed up but she never looked back again.    

Both Vance and Vaughn had a great first day of school. Here's to a great kindergarten and 3rd grade year! 

7 Responses to “Day One Down: A success! ”

  1. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Sis you were right...Vaughn sure does look excited about starting her first day of school. Loved all the pictures!!!
    Aunt Dee

  2. Cute pics but what I really want to know if Vaughnie's hair was still in a bun when she came home?

  3. Ha! It WAS surprisingly! And her white shirt had only one little marker mark. No lunch or mystery marks. Normally she's more disheveled at the end of the day!

  4. Great pics!!!!! And how was YOUR first day?

  5. Met some new mom's for breakfast and mimosa's after sending the kids off. Great way to ease into the school year!

  6. Here's to great first days for everyone!

  7. VERY NICE!!!!!! I would for sure say day one was a success for all !!!!!



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