Sunday, August 18, 2013

Dirty Hat? Clean it Up!

This dirty thing is my son's favorite hat. Do you have a hat in your family that looks familiar? It has seen many hot days and 2 weeks of baseball camp. Enough was enough. Time for a bath. 

The only thing holding me back was my inexperience in...hat washing. I hemmed and hawed then finally just went for it. (Disclaimer: I am in no way a hat washing professional. This is what I did and it worked for me.) Here goes.

I poured a 2 or 3 tablespoons of liquid detergent into the sink...

and filled it with warm water to soak for over an hour.

I took it out and admired all the dirt that had fallen to the bottom.  

Rinse it with cold water and try to gently squeeze water out.

I used a bunch of waded up plastic bags to act as a form while it dried.

My dryer has a rack feature so I stuck it in there on cool for 2 50 minute cycles. The bill was still wet but I let it air dry on the counter for the remainder of the time it needed. (Careful with those plastic bags in the dryer. A towel or a couple of t-shirts could also be used.) 

I was surprised that it turned out so well. I was scared that it would look a little wonky when done. It looks perfect and no, I didn't photoshop the picture to make the hat look darker. :) 

Now Vance can wear his favorite hat in public again! 

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3 Responses to “Dirty Hat? Clean it Up!”

  1. Looks brand spankin' new!

  2. Looks great now! Lol. I have just thrown dirty baseball caps in the washer and dryer, but then again we don't have any that we are really attached to. So far they have turned out okay, some of them have faded a little so your method is definitely better to keep them looking new.

  3. looks great. We used to have one of those hat "molds" that you would toss in the wash those work great. I will have to try this approach.



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