Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity

Here's to 5 noteworthy and toast worthy happenings from the week. 

 Here's to the start of school.

Here's to Vance's first game with his new team.

Here's to Lou Brock who signed Vance's baseball at the Cards game even though he was wearing a Pirates jersey and hat. 
Mr. Brock did spit on his hat which seemed fair.  

I know you guys can count and that's only 3 pictures this week. I'm thinking school counts for at least 2 more though as it's been a trying week. The kids are tired with their new school schedule and we've had activities every night meaning dinners have been up in the air and bedtimes have been a little later than preferred. Unfortunately this will be our new norm, but fortunately we survived! Hopefully we'll get into our groove over the next couple of weeks. 

What are you toasting to tonight?

One Response to “Friday 5: Celebrating Simplicity”

  1. I want to hear how Vance's game went and LOVE that Martin CoCo made it in the pic with Vance and Lou! Happy Weekend!



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